Did you know that Lush will recycle plastic bottle tops to make their black pots?

Lush have a free-post address where you can send bottle tops – FREE-POST, THE GREEN HUB – or you can take them in to Lush stores.  We will be doing this at BCC nurseries. We are undertaking an environmental audit and looking at different ways that we can reduce our waste and impact on the […]

Babywearing at The Priory

The babyroom staff have been enjoying learning how to “babywear” with Anna from The Bristol Sling Ladies. Using a sling is great for comfort and connection with the babies and also really practical – it means the babies who don’t walk can join the other children outside, benefiting from the fresh air. Carrying your baby […]

A visit from Wilde’s father at Mornington House

Wilde’s father came to talk to the pre-school children about his film-making experiences.  During the session he showed us footage of: Silver backed ants Hump back whales Cheetahs A volcano The world’s tallest waterfall The children were able to touch objects from his travels, including: Volcanic rock An African mask A fossil A wooden statue […]

Nativity Play at Mornington House

A huge Well Done to the pre-school children who performed their Nativity Play this week.  They spent a month learning 13 songs with actions, including a French Christmas carol – ‘Vive le Vent’.  They chose their own roles and were wholly engaged with the story and characters.  All children happily joined in on the day […]

Threading activity at The Court House

Jayde has made a number threading game using some cardboard, coloured paper, string and a straw. The children will be threading through the different numbered tunnels to get to the number 10. The preschool children are really interested in threading and maths, so Jayde searched different maths ideas using Pinterest. This activity is a good […]

Diwali – Pre-school learning at Mornington

The children made Rangoli patterns from a choice of five designs, using colourful rice.  They looked at some books about Diwali and watched a short video.  During circle time, they lit real tea light candles and talked about safety around fire and fireworks. The children remembered: “It’s a type of festival” “candles” “fireworks” “bubbles” “colourful […]

Priory Pre-School updates

Pre-school have been very busy these last few weeks, welcoming some new friends and focusing on new beginnings. The children have been working on tidy–up time, learning the routine and learning all about the weather and calendar, which the children have loved. They have been enjoying lots of role play with their peers and pretending […]

Celebrating National Nursery Practitioner Day!

Team Training with Jane Evans

At our October Cascade Training we were delighted to be joined by Jane Evans, a child behaviour and trauma expert. Jane worked with us on improving our knowledge of brain development and how both child and adult behaviours are telling us something, so we need to truly listen and think about how to help a […]

Supporting Parents and Children when Settling In

We are always delighted to receive parent feedback as it helps us reflect on what we do, and make changes to improve where we can. This comment is particularly heartwarming because it demonstrates how our slow and gentle settling in process has supported both the young child and the parent, who had their own anxieties […]