Extra Activities

At all our nurseries children are able to enjoy something special, at no additional cost to their parents! Below you will find information on some of the activities that take place at Bristol Childcare throughout the year. Please note, not all activities will be running at the same time, we change them according to the season, the needs of the children and to provide variety:

French Lessons

Run by Rhian Davis a qualified, independent language teacher based in Bristol.  Rhian lived in France for 10 years and is fluent in French with an authentic accent.

At the start of each session we greet each other and introduce ourselves and at the end we say ‘thank you, goodbye.  The sessions are fun and interactive using props, rhymes and songs to give the children a chance to discover the French way of life including family, celebrations, food and animals in a different language and with a variety of activities.

At the end of term parents receive a short report and dictionary of words used throughout the sessions.


Stretch–n-Grow is structured around a 30 or 45 minute lesson which includes warm up (to a Stretch-n-Grow warm up story), simple aerobics (to some really fun music and using great props) stretches, cool down and activities which are all designed to help the physical development and wellbeing of your child. Stretch-n-Grow teaches children that exercise is fun and they also learnt about parts of the body and looking after yourself at the same time. www.stretch-n-grow.co.uk


The children are taught football and ball skills. This is held in the nursery garden so that the children have the space to develop their physical skills. Listening and responding to instructions is all part of the fun.

Baby Sing and Sign

Staff and children enjoy learning new songs with signs to accompany them.


With parents’ written permission (you will be asked to sign this on registration) our staff enjoy taking the children out of nursery for exciting and educational trips. This can be to the library, to the park, to a local shop to buy something or to post a letter. Carefully supervised trips are a wonderful way for children to learn and be stimulated by the world around them.

Enrichment Activities

Exciting activities are always on offer at our nurseries. Clay modelling, puppetry, puppet making, woodwork and baby massage are examples of activities enjoyed through a network of external experts. We also have visits from Zoolab who enable the children to see and hold (if they wish) snakes, spiders and cockroaches!

As part of our partnership with parents programme, parents are encouraged to show off their skills and interests to children. If you have a talent or skill you would like to share, like playing the guitar or painting, please get in touch.