We believe that children learn through play and reach their intended goals using imagination, fun and adventure. At Bristol Childcare nurseries children are free to express themselves in all kinds of creative and varied activities and learning is achieved through a diverse range of games, activities, stories, creativity and spontaneous play, inside and out in the gardens.

All education of children from birth to five years is now guided by the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Find out more in a Guide to the EYFS available here. Children of all ages are learning every day through the wide-range of experiences and stimuli that they have. When children are ready, around their third birthday, they will move into our bright and colourful pre-school rooms with Early Years teachers. We believe that being “ready for school” means helping children become independent in caring for themselves and gaining confidence in communication and interacting with other children and adults.

Each week activities are carefully planned to stimulate and develop all children in the nursery towards achieving their Learning Goals. We also enjoy spontaneous play and will readily follow a child’s interests and enthusiasm if they arrive at Nursery excited about something. Things can develop into a huge project or range of experiences. All activities are evaluated for their effectiveness and every child is observed on how they respond with follow up work planned as appropriate for each individual’s needs. Observations are recorded on IConnect, a secure online diary which parents can access using a private password. You can also send us photos and information to include. We hold annual parents evenings where you will have the opportunity to talk to staff about your child’s development.

We know that parents are their child’s first teacher so always encourage and welcome your feedback and knowledge. We are always keen to hear what your child is enjoying at home, so that we can build on these experiences at Nursery.
We ask you to share information with us through WOW stickers, graffiti boards around nursery, email, conversations, on All About Me forms and developmental reports and through engaging with your child’s online Learning Diary.

Find out more in our Learning and Activities Policy.