Our Curriculum

We have identified six areas that we focus on in our nurseries to help children develop the knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in life. These relate to how we support children to make progress across the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

We want all children to learn:

  1. To be able to build relationships and engage with others;
  2. A love of stories, songs and rhymes
  3. To treasure and celebrate family life in all its diversity;
  4. To enjoy family mealtimes;
  5. To understand what it means to be healthy;
  6. To develop a love of learning.

These Significant Six statements are our Curriculum Intent under the Education Inspection Framework. This is what matters to us at BCC and is our focus for children and families. This aligns with our Ethos: Small, Homely and Flexible.


We have also created a set of core books and songs to support the children in developing a love of language. Please ask your nursery manager for more information.

We support parents in extending their child’s learning at home. We particularly focus on how to encourage a love of reading through our family lending libraries. Please see the Supporting Learning at Home page.