Engineers in the making!

The children in The Priory pre-school have been exploring old technology. ‘Taking things apart was always my favourite pastime when I was small but trying to put it back together was another thing!!’ Justine (Nursery Manager) Their concentration was immense and covered all areas of learning.

Frank the Fish

The Twos Room at The Court House have a new addition – Frank the Fish Frank joined the Twos Room early in July as Trish wanted the children to learn how to look after things. It has been wonderful to see how much the children are enjoying Frank being in the room and it’s been […]

Celebrating National Picnic Week

To celebrate ‘National Picnic Week’ Mornington House had a family picnic on Durdham Downs at the weekend.  It was such a lovely event; a great opportunity to chat informally with parents and to relax and have fun altogether. One of our parents, who is from Finland, told us that this coincided with the Scandinavia Midsummer […]

Teddy Bears Picnic at The Priory Day Nursery

On Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June the children at the Priory brought their teddies to nursery to have a picnic tea in the garden. All children donated £2 towards Crackerjacks – a children’s charity for families to have respite care and to help children who have severe disabilities. The Teddy Bears Picnic raised £60.00!!! Thank you […]

Our new friend Poppy

Our new friend Sophie joined us at the Court House last week. Sophie has a very special best friend who came along to meet the babies. Her name is Poppy, and all of the babies absolutely loved meeting her. She is a placid and well behaved dog, and loved showing the babies how much she […]

The Priory’s resident frog!

In the Priory garden the children have been fascinated by our resident frog which they have named SMILEY! There were lots of questions such as, “what do frogs eat?” and, “what do they feel like?” Some children heard him croak when he was handled.

A trip to the park

Last Friday, the Babies and Twos children from the Priory enjoyed a visit to the park. The 2s enjoyed walking around the gardens, looking at all of the flowers and even discovered a fairy garden which they had lots of fun exploring!

Easter Eggs at The Priory

Yesterday we decorated hard boiled eggs to make Easter eggs, a tradition they do in Poland. A parent brought in these special Easter/Spring designs for the children to use.  The children each chose a design and placed it around the hardboiled egg which was then dipped into the boiling water (with adult support). The egg […]

World Storytelling Day

We are very fortunate at Mornington House to have parents who speak many different languages so we invited them in to tell a story in their home language to celebrate this world-wide event. Isabel’s mum, Lucia, read The Three Little Pigs in Spanish and Wilde’s mum, Josefin, read the story in Swedish.  Sasha’s mum, Viktorija, […]

Snowy Garden at The Court House

We are loving how our Twos garden looks in the snow at The Court House. The “log cabin” looks like something from a fairy tale!