A trip to the park

Last Friday, the Babies and Twos children from the Priory enjoyed a visit to the park. The 2s enjoyed walking around the gardens, looking at all of the flowers and even discovered a fairy garden which they had lots of fun exploring!

Easter Eggs at The Priory

Yesterday we decorated hard boiled eggs to make Easter eggs, a tradition they do in Poland. A parent brought in these special Easter/Spring designs for the children to use.  The children each chose a design and placed it around the hardboiled egg which was then dipped into the boiling water (with adult support). The egg […]

World Storytelling Day

We are very fortunate at Mornington House to have parents who speak many different languages so we invited them in to tell a story in their home language to celebrate this world-wide event. Isabel’s mum, Lucia, read The Three Little Pigs in Spanish and Wilde’s mum, Josefin, read the story in Swedish.  Sasha’s mum, Viktorija, […]

Snowy Garden at The Court House

We are loving how our Twos garden looks in the snow at The Court House. The “log cabin” looks like something from a fairy tale!  

Mother’s Day Tea

We had a lovely Mother’s Day tea at Mornington House on Monday.  John, our cook, prepared a great spread with some tasty sandwiches, cheese straws and dips and a variety of cakes and scones to choose from.  It was very special to have our mums join us to celebrate.

Veterinary surgery at The Priory

The children in The Priory pre-school have been really enjoying having the role play set up as a veterinary surgery. They have been actively taking on the different roles that happens at the vets such as being the receptionist, pet owner and veterinary surgeon. On Wednesday 7th February we had a special visit from our […]

Popcorn bird feeders

Children in Mornington House pre-school made these popcorn feeders for the hungry winter birds.  They carefully used sharp needles to thread the popcorn and the feeders were hung in the trees in the back garden.

Paramedic visit at Mornington House

Carrie, who is a Paramedic, came to visit nursery today bringing her ambulance.  The children were able to have a good look around and ask questions about all the equipment.  The children: tried on Carrie’s uniform Looked inside the drawers on the ambulance Used the lift at the back of the ambulance Sat in the […]

Happy New Year from The Priory!

Here are a few special moments to share with you all from December 2017. (Click to enlarge). Happy New Year!  

Letters to Father Christmas

The children in Mornington House pre-school have been busy writing letters to Father Christmas. They used the phonics they have been learning to help them sound out words and tried hard to write independently. They took their letters to the local post box to send them off to Lapland! SaveSave