A trip to Bristol Zoo – Mornington House

One of our core books, Dear Zoo, inspired the children in the baby room to explore and learn about animals. We began the week by looking at lots of animal books, Dear Zoo was the favourite along with an animal picture book, Owl Babies and the Very Hungry Caterpillar. During the week we created some […]

Shopping Trip

In rising pre-school at The Court House, we took a little trip to the shops where we picked up different ingredients, so we were able to make our own cakes in nursery. The children loved being involved and having the responsibility of carrying their own shopping bags and handing over the money to the staff […]

Owl Babies – Core Books

Following on from our new set of Core books, the children spent time in small groups listening to stories that had been chosen by them. The children were asked how many owls were in the story of ‘owl babies’ and whether the Mummy owl would return.

A trip to “We The Curious”

Lots of babies were on holiday at Mornington House so Tia and Riz made the most of the opportunity to take two babies to We the Curious in Bristol city centre. They had an amazing time! Lots of hands on activities for them to explore independently and a lovely picnic lunch.

Our Curriculum – Core Books

We have identified six areas that we focus on in our nurseries to help children develop the knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in life. These relate to how we support children to make progress across the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). More details are on […]

Recycle your stationary!

Please join us in making another tiny difference and trying to keep all we can from landfill… We are now collecting old pens for recycling. There is a box in each nursery. We will be taking them to Rymans in Clifton where they are being collected as part of the Terracycle scheme. https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades/the-writing-instruments-brigade-r

A “typical day” at pre-school

This afternoon at The Priory, we invited parents in to experience a “typical day” in preschool. Staff explained the routine of the day, in the moment planning and shared some of the lovely resources the children explore and discover. We then finished the afternoon with homemade biscuits and cakes.

Nursery Picnic

We enjoyed a fun packed Teddy Bears Picnic on Durdham Downs. The whole nursery were able to go and had a lovely time exploring the surrounds, doing leaf and tree rubbing, playing football and chasing games. We had a lovely picnic prepared by our cook, Louise before walking back to nursery and having a much-needed […]

Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

Mornington House Pre-School ate some of their tomato harvest at tea time. This encouraged conversation about the growing process; what was done to help the tomatoes grow and whether they liked the taste of them. The children were very proud to have grown their own produce at nursery and then eat it!

Midsummer Family Picnic at Mornington House

We were very lucky that the weather changed and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Louise prepared a super picnic and lots of parents were able to join us. It was a lovely, relaxing and sociable event.