Healthy Harvest

Today we are feeling proud of the produce we have harvested – tomatoes, cucumbers, eating and cooking apples, courgettes, beans, onions, broccoli and spring onions! It’s great to know that this week our nursery chefs Dee at Mornington House, Lee-Ann at The Court House and Lauren at The Priory will use this fresh produce to […]

Funded Hours

Extended Funded Childcare for Three and Four Year Olds: What We Offer at Bristol Childcare Introduction From September 2017 the Government is providing up to 1140 hours of funded childcare per year. This is often referred to as ‘30 hours free childcare’ or ‘Extended Offer’ because it is free at the point of delivery for […]

Mealtimes at The Court House

At the Court House we are continually evaluating how we can make nursery life feel more like home. Our babies are already thriving with the concept of baby led weaning and as a team for the older children we felt it would be nice to eliminate all plastic plates, cups and utensils at mealtimes and […]


With the change in seasons, we are delighted to announce that as from the start of May, we are moving to our summer menu. Changing menus twice a year enables us to constantly review the range of food we offer the children, and ensure we use seasonal produce. Pictured is the first rhubarb harvest. Please […]

Meet the Head Office team

The Head Office team are there to support the nursery staff and help run Bristol Childcare. From left: Sue Farr, Founder Matthew Bullock, Finance Manager Anna Cattermole, Accounts Joanne Osborne, Receptionist Debbie Lee, Administrator Justine Richardson, Group Manager Saffia Bullock, Managing Director Justine MC, Parentzone and Billing

Homegrown vegetable harvest

At Bristol Childcare we try to grow as much fruit and veg as we can, so that staff and children can enjoy organic, local, fresh produce. This is last week’s harvest, which included potatoes, beetroots, runner beans, peas, courgettes, tomatoes and aubergines!

Children leaving for school

At this time of year it is always sad to say goodbye to the children who are leaving for school. We like to give them a book with a goodbye message written in, which we hope they will enjoy and treasure, along with memories of our nurseries. Thank you to Lydia, manager at The Court House, for wrapping the […]

Ethically sourced meat

We are excited to announce that Bristol Childcare now sources all meat, except chicken*, from Powells of Olveston, a butcher that only provides ethically sourced meat. Powells, who supply many restaurants across Bristol, states: “all our produce is local, whenever possible and it has all been ethically sourced. To guarantee this we work closely with […]

All Bristol Childcare Staff are First Aid Trained

We are very proud to announce that ALL of our long-term staff are now first aid trained, with new joiners being booked on courses. This means that we are well ahead of what is currently required by law, which is that only one first aider need be on the premises at all times. We believe […]

Welcoming chef Oliver Charnock

We welcome Chef, Oliver Charnock, who will be covering cooks’ holidays in all three nurseries. I am a self-motivated chef with over 15 years experience working within the food industry. I started washing the dishes in a local pub when I was 14 and ever since my first day, I fell in love with the […]