Team Training with Jane Evans

At our October Cascade Training we were delighted to be joined by Jane Evans, a child behaviour and trauma expert. Jane worked with us on improving our knowledge of brain development and how both child and adult behaviours are telling us something, so we need to truly listen and think about how to help a child rather than just distract them from how they are feeling. This is safeguarding at its most important level, being focussed on each and every child and their needs every day. This is tough but valuable work!

Jane wrote about the training:

“For a long time I’ve been dreaming of delivering training in early years which links early childhood trauma, the need for emotionally and energetically safe adults and safeguarding children, all together. Today was the day I got to work with teams at Bristol Childcare in Bristol. Because the owner saw me speak at Laura Henry Early Years Safeguarding Conference. So she was clear what she wanted for the children when it comes to building on ESSENTIAL safeguarding training. Amazing professionals turning out on a Saturday morning to improve outcomes for children. Very humbling to be with them.”

We were all inspired by what Jane taught us and it’s the start of a journey for us to build on what we learnt. Thank you to our hardworking team for turning out on a Saturday morning – it’s really tough to work 6 days a week and we appreciate and acknowledge your hard work and determination.

If you are concerned about an aspect of your child’s behaviour, please speak to your nursery manager – your child will be trying to tell you something and we can work together to support them and you.

“Working with Jane helped me affirm how important the daily care we give the children actually is. Aside from the rules and regulations, which  are of the upmost importance, she pointed out how we can value children in the everyday routines, conversations and interactions we have with them. Safeguarding from the ground up!” Sally