Court House Twos Room Trip to the Park

In early October we enjoyed a trip to the park. On the walk over there was lots of conversation and excitement about where we were going. We spoke lots about all the cars that were passing and what shops we could see on our travels. We used the traffic lights to cross the road; we pushed the button and waited for the green man to come up on the screen. We spoke about how this made it safe for us to cross the road. We walked past a florist and all the children wanted to stop and smell the flowers.

When we were walking over we were talking about what we could do while we were at the park, we said that we were going to play on the swings and the slide and that we were going to collect some leaves and conkers for our Autumn displays.

We got to the park and we couldn’t wait to run around and explore. First, we ran to the trampolines and then we all went off to explore what else there was to play with. We played on the swing, the climbing frame, the see-saw and the roundabout. We played in the park for about half an hour and then we went for a run around on the grass and to explore by the trees and flowers.

We did lots of running and found it very funny to chase each other and catch each other.

Then we went on a hunt for leaves and conkers. It was very hard to find conkers, so we had to look under lots of leaves! When we found ones that we wanted to take back to nursery we put them into a bag.

As we were just heading back we came across Redcatch garden and cafe where we went and had a little explore too, we saw lots of pumpkins and vegetables growing in the gardens and found even more toys to play on!

Needless to say that we had a very fun and exciting trip to the park, no one wanted to leave. We had some tired little legs on the walk back to nursery!