Frank the Fish

The Twos Room at The Court House have a new addition – Frank the Fish

Frank joined the Twos Room early in July as Trish wanted the children to learn how to look after things. It has been wonderful to see how much the children are enjoying Frank being in the room and it’s been so rewarding listening to the amount of conversation that has been taking place around Frank’s bowl, including scientific observations about how he looks small if you look in through the top but bigger if you look through the side! Frank has recently been spoilt by one of our families he now has a little hide away to sleep in, some coral and has gained a little friend… Nemo.

The children are learning that Frank needs to be fed every day and taking turns with to do this. His water also needs to be clean and fresh. The children have tried to catch him a few times but understanding why they should not do this is all part of teaching in the moment and learning about the world.