E-Safety Information for Parents

It’s really important that we all have a wider awareness of online safety. It is not safe to just hand your young child your mobile phone. These are some key points to think about: Ensure you know what your children can access online – monitor what they are watching and using; Talk to them about […]

Supporting Parents and Children when Settling In

We are always delighted to receive parent feedback as it helps us reflect on what we do, and make changes to improve where we can. This comment is particularly heartwarming because it demonstrates how our slow and gentle settling in process has supported both the young child and the parent, who had their own anxieties […]

Defibrillators Installed in all BCC Nurseries

Bristol Childcare is delighted to announce that a defibrillator has been installed in each Bristol Childcare nursery. This is the result of a fundraising campaign supported by the children, staff, parents and grandparents of the 3-nursery family-run group. Managing Director, Saffia Bullock said “The idea came from staff first aid training in January 2017 where […]

Should Children attend Nursery with Conjunctivitis?

It was reported over the weekend in the Sunday Times (Sunday 13 November) that the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has written to Ofsted to “press for change” as regards nurseries and schools excluding children with conjunctivitis. Their concerns are that nurseries requiring parents to seek medical information before a child can attend nursery […]

The pressures of being a working parent

Being a working parent is tough, juggling the demands of work alongside meeting our children’s needs. At this link, campaign group Mothers at Home Matter asks whether both parents should be working at the same time, why not adopt a long term family-cycle approach to working. Might make life feel less stressful for all? http://www.mothersathomematter.co.uk/latest-news/latest-news/49-in-the-papers/836-does-doing-the-right-thing-now-mean-both-parents-working-full-time

Hidden sugar

At Bristol Childcare we are very aware of hidden sugar in many foods. That’s one of the reasons we cook all our meals from scratch – we know exactly what is in them. But there are some basic things which you would think would be healthy, yet they too contain added sugar. This article from […]

Babyhood – The Film in Bristol

Talking about Kate Jangra’s Babyhood – the film, Sue Palmer says “Kate spoke to lots of really authoritative experts in different areas of child development, and she’s done a great job of illustrating the importance of the two great drives that come from within the child – the drives for attachment and for play. It’s […]


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